Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cerita hangat sempena merdeka. mesti baca dan tengok.

Salam semua

Sesiapa yang ada Astro, esok mohhh pakat ramai-ramai bukak channel 

Channel : Astro Awani (501) 
Tarikh : 28 Ogos 2010
Pukul: 2.30pm

Nak tau kenapa?
Actually, ada dokumentari tentang kemerdekaan 
yang diperjuangkan oleh datuk saya, Mustapha Hussain. 
Tajuk documentary tu, BAYU MERDEKA
Tapi short documentary dalam 29 minit aje.

Sesiapa yang tidak mengenali Mustapha Hussain boleh klik entry ini 

 Mustapha Hussain

Fakta Menarik tentang beliau :
Satu perkara yang tak diketahui ramai ialah Mustapha Hussain telah menyertai UMNO semasa Darurat dan bertanding menentang Tunku Abdul Rahman untuk jawatan presiden UMNO selepas perletakan jawatan Dato' Onn Jaafar pada tahun 1951. Yang memeranjatkan ialah beliau hampir menang dan hanya kalah dengan satu undi.

from the director of Bayu Merdeka : Anak Wayang

he wrote ....

They were not Kings nor Princes
Nor were they Lords nor Masters,
They were Malays,
Simple folks
Teachers, Farmers, Mechanics, Labourers.
Since time immemorial,
They look up to the people seated up high,
Caste is caste, anc caste is acceptable once.
Our land, our tanah Melayu,
Rich in minerals and tin,
And then rubber.
The new Masters brought in
And invited the others, at 40 sen a day,
To work, to toil and exploit,
for the rich to share its riches.
The teachers, the farmers, the mechanics, the labourers,
They just look on. See their land as chess pieces,
Sacrificed to others for gold and opium
For cash and riches.
The lazy Malays kept on smiling,
with rice on their plates
And some salt and some vegetables.
They were happy.
The rich play with the rich
And the whites play the rich
And the rich play out the people.
The rising sun threw the rays over the Tanah Melayu,
The Union Jack ran away
Tail between its legs.
The rising sun opened the eyes of some.
They now see the white invincibility a myth.
They realise that maybe,
Somehow maybe.
The time has come
For them to rule the land of their forefathers.
The riches to return to them.
The land their once again.
The land lost to others, may it be white, yellow, black or pink,
But the rising sun rose to soon,
And began to set.
Leaving a bloody trail.
And with the setting sun,
Three stars rose,
With lead bullets and steel blades,
They rose to challenge the Union Jack.
It was a confusing time,
But for a few souls who wanted all these to end,
Who wanted Tanah Melayu to be what it was,
Some resorted to the three stars,
Some resorted to take it to the people.
Some resorted to sleeping with the enemy.
The Kings and Princes kept quiet.
As long as their positions are respected,
As long as their dynasties are protected,
And the Union Jack kept them happy.
And they are pleased.
They also assume the masses respect them.
They know that there will be no Jebats amongst them.
Orang Melayu pantang menderhaka!
Malays, who were once prevented from gaining knowledge,
Or even to receive full education began to read.
Trotsky, Nehru, Bose, Hitler.
Tale of Two Cities, Three Musketeers and many others.
Some went left, others went right.
A few went Red.
But the ideals are one.
Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka.
And Mustapha was one of them.
A teacher. A simple man. A family man.
And a man with a plan.
He maybe left, but then again isn’t everyone’s heart is on the left?
Being anti British he was deemed a threat.
His friends were incarcerated. Somehow, he escaped.
It was then that the rising sun came.
He and friends were released.
The rising sun left, and they were incarcerated again.
This time he cannot escape.
Without a trial, he was thrown in prison in Batu Gajah.
When released, he was not allowed to teach,
He lost his job and struggled with his family.
His family that loved him
As a father, a husband and a true Malayan.
One wonders why we praise Tok Janggut, Mat Salleh,
Tok Naning, Ngah Ibrahim, Bahaman, Tok Gajah, Maharajalela,
Dato Sagor for being anti-British,
and yet
Those who took the same stance in the 40s and 50s
are considered enemies of Malaya.
Enemies of the state.
Enemies of the people.
Enemies of history.
Unless you sleep with the enemy, you are the enemy.
It really doesn’t matter that you and your friends were the first to rise,
and sowed the seeds of Merdeka.
It doesn’t matter that it was you and your friends who first shouted
Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka!
It was you who had family members
die in the war fighting for freedom.
A brother who remained missing after the war.
Another slain by the three red stars.
No one sheds tears for them any more.
No one sheds tears for you.
To the victor, a new history.
Power and riches beyond imagination.
To the vanquished, a small plot of land
A cold slab. For the lucky few, a footnote.
But for those who know the truth,
We salute you.
We shed tears for your bravery,
For your sacrifice,
for your struggle.
We know our true heroes.
We know our fellow men.
Sleep well our true Wira Merdeka.
Where there’s injustice,
there will always be another you.
We agree with those who knew you
And called you Bayu.
Today, from now on, I too call you Bayu.
BApa melaYU.

Salam Merdeka